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Expert Moving Help Awaits You


Jennifer Prell, SMM-C
President and Founder

Life changes aren’t easy. Especially moving out of the home you raised a family in and transitioning to a new stage of life. Paxem is here to help your family through these transitionary times, from estate planning to downsizing/re-sizing.

Paxem, Inc. is an award-winning, A+ Accredited Senior Move Managers, as well as ASEL Accredited (American Society of Estate Liquidators) organization. Paxem takes the stress out of packing, moving, and organizing.


Paxem’s  Moving Services

To fully serve our clients, we offer a variety of services to make life’s transitions easier.


Every move is personal and unique. Paxem’s A+ Accredited Senior Move Managers will assist with all aspects of the move, to help reduce the burden of packing a lifetime of memories up. A few of the (many) ways our senior movers assist:  

  • Sort

  • Declutter

  • Pre-pack

  • Organize

  • Provide an estate sale (for full, clean homes)

  • Hire and manage movers

Every move is different. We get to know our client’s needs through a complimentary consultation, then tailor our services to meet those needs.

Paxem’s expert team can help with any aspect of the move:

  • Preparing & decluttering a home for sale

  • Providing a move-out checklist

  • Assist with the move out and in of your home


Paxem’s expert team do it all:

  • Provide a floor plan

  • Carefully pack your belongings

  • Unpack the boxes and set up the home

  • Guide the movers

  • Manage furniture delivery

  • Set up and organize each room

  • Remove the packing materials

Whether you need help organizing your belongings to prepare for a move or clear out a home, Paxem works with families to achieve their goals

  • Set up and organize a room or the whole house

  • Organize cabinets and closets

  • Dispose of unused and unwanted items

  • Salvage, recover, and contain your possessions

  • Specialists in assisting large collectors and hoarders


We are an American Society of Estate Liquidators accredited and award-winning organization, meaning we conduct high-quality residential sales throughout the state of Illinois.

  • Merchandise, research, and price

  • Promote and advertise the sale

  • Manage and conduct the estate sale with our employees

  • Provide you with a contract and sales receipts

Paxem Experience

Paxem's commitment to the families we serve is to exceed their expectations and support those in transition with integrity and trust. We believe in:

  • Quality work ethic

  • Under-promising, and over-delivering

  • Hiring employees that care 

  • Giving back

Expert Moving Help Awaits You

If you or a loved one is planning a move and needs assistance, contact us today to see how we can help you. We work within your budget and can complete as many or as few of the tasks needed for you to move.

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