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Paxem Reviews and Testimonials

Serving our customers well is what we are committed to doing. Please don't just take our word for it, listen to the feedback of what our customers have to say. 

“Heather, Terry, and Erin wrapped items, boxed tons, took out the recycling, took out the garbage, marked the boxes, bags, furniture, etc. and it was unbelievable! Exceptional!! The three girls worked from 8 am to 4 pm doing everything!! They went non-stop!! Magnificent!!!!!”

— Patricia B.

“We truly appreciate everything you (Gayle Nudelman) did to make a difficult time in our lives just a little bit easier and will continue to recommend you every chance we get. Thanks again.”

— Howard F.

“I was very pleased with your services. Erin and Haley did a fabulous job packing for me and your mover Miguel Alfaro and his team also did an outstanding move for me. I am very fortunate to have met you at one of your seminars at Norwood Crossing. Thanks so much for your help!”

— Ronald P.

“The movers did a really excellent job; your girls were top notch. A very different caliber than I have worked with in the past.”

— Elline, Geriatric Care Manager

“I went to the house last night after the cleaning was completed. I was very impressed, great job!!! I am very impressed with Paxem’s work and especially Gayle, would absolutely recommend and I would be glad to be a reference. Thanks again!”

— Greg W.

“I can’t praise enough, your help (Terry), Gayle’s, Heather and Sally they were just unbelievable! I can’t say enough! The team made my new apartment so comfortable for me. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

— Roseanne L.

“I wanted to tell you that Paxem did my house yesterday. I was packed Monday and moved Tuesday and I want to tell you that they did an absolutely marvelous job! I cannot be happier that they did all of this in such a short period of time! Everything, every picture packed and it was like magic. So, if you will need me for a reference I’m available. This was a remarkable move! Thank you.”

— Carol H.

“(Paxem Showroom) Just want to thank you and let you know how friendly and accommodating Corrin and Gayle were. It must make you so happy to have your daughter follow in your footsteps. Thanks, again. I hope you have a great weekend of sales.”

— Bonnie H.

“Hi, Terry, just a quick note to let you know that we were very pleased with Sally’s work this morning. Everything worked out very well. She is certainly high energy and all business. Hope Mo is still on for the 14th (Tuesday). More later!”

— Elizabeth D.

“Hi Terry, Now that things have calmed down a bit since we moved our father I just wanted to write and thank you once again for the helpful, professional and, most importantly, timely service. The team you sent out, Erin and Sally, was fabulous. They were easy to work with and efficient, adapting to all of the time constraints that we had placed on us by the building management at both addresses. We are very lucky to have found you, just in time, for what could have been a very stressful move. I wish you success in the future. You certainly deserve it!”

— Ben P.

“Hi, This is in regards to moving my Mom at Lincolnwood Place. I was very surprised to see 3 ladies show up to do “ the “ move. I too have done lifting rearranging and moving. Well not like these 3! They must have capes under their shirts. Polite, attentive, attention to detail, courtesy to prioritize, methodically packing, working quietly together, no complaints with only one elevator working, took the stairs.....reassuring.

Dear, Sally, Heather and Sue, you have no idea the emotional burden ( maybe you do) that this move was. To keep my mom calm and not disoriented was my priority. I cannot express my gratitude for your perfection in this move. You are appreciated. Thank you!”

— Sima S.

“Hi, Gayle,
Thank you for sending us the news video. We really appreciate it! We love it here in Henderson! The mountains and view of the strip are fantastic! Thanks again for the professional way our Estate Sale was handled!”

— Joyce S.

“Hi, Terry! Your ladies are amazing! I was so impressed with how they work and so grateful! Thank you so much. This has been a wonderful experience!”

— Karen S.

“Hi Terry, Mom’s move was so much smoother than I expected and I wanted to write to thank you. Sally and her crew on both days were fantastic! They were efficient and careful with the property, and patient and helpful with us. The Salvation Army people took everything, just as you promised. Thank you so much for helping us both with this little adventure.”

— Marcia C.

“Hi Terry, I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful team to support Ruth in her move yesterday. The day was a wonderful success and it was all thanks to Sally and Morgan. They did an amazing job packing up all of the items and unpacking them to looks just as the pictures did. It was a hard day for Ruth, and having her walk into the apartment to see her beloved items set up made it so much easier for her. The movers were wonderful, and overall the day ran smoothly. Just wanted you to know how amazing your staff is. Thanks again! ”

— Katie Janak, LCSW, C-ASWCM Care Manager

“Hi Terry, I just wanted to thank you and your team for your wonderful service during my sisters move. I am sorry for not sending this before now but just had time and didn’t want to forget . I appreciate all of your help and the outcome was very great. I am so happy to finally have my sister in a place that will hopefully sustain her in her daily living , somewhere safe, and will make my life a little easier. I appreciate your follow thru and will highly recommend you to anyone I know who needs your service. You and your crew were wonderful. Thank you again.”

— Pam H.

“Crystal and Corrin couldn’t have been better. They were so nice, so efficient and were done in no time. I am so glad I chose Paxem! (and of course, will tell my friends)”

— Dorothy W.

“I wanted to call and congratulate Paxem for a wonderful move! I appreciate Crystal, Corrin, Craig and Larry for their help moving my apartment. They did an outstanding job! Thank you!”

— Norma B.

“We received your final statement and commend you, not only on your business acumen but thoroughness and honesty. We were prepared to have to pay for trashing the mattresses, even though we knew they were in very good condition. Not only did we not have to pay, but got a check instead! We left everything in your hands - understand the condo is very neat and clean - and your breakdown of the final figures was most informative.

It was a pleasure meeting and working with you and if the chance should ever arise, we would recommend you heartily.”

— Bob and Bev S.

“I can’t believe that it’s been three weeks already — it feels like just yesterday! However, that’s no excuse for my delay in getting this to you. And that is Dennis’ and my tremendous gratitude for your time in preparation, and your packers’ time with our well-loved household goods, etc.! We are totally impressed not only with everyone’s professionalism, effort, and care but also — and I can’t believe this — everyone’s cheerfulness!! No matter what, everyone answered questions, changed direction and even redid some things — with big smiles! Whatever Jennifer (hope that’s right) is handing out to you folks, it certainly works — I could use some — and she should patent and sell it!

We’d like to express our gratitude a little more concretely. I’m thinking a gift card so that all involved can enjoy a meal on us. If you could provide an address, we will send it along as quickly as we can! In the meantime, please extend this message to everyone involved. Without reservation, we will recommend Paxem to one and all!”

— Cathy M.

“You haven’t asked, but I wanted to let you know that your “girls” have been fabulous! Each and every single one of them. As you know, moving is awful. However, the staff that you’ve had here every day has been so helpful and efficient. They are getting the job done and are inspiring me as well. In addition, we’ve also had a few laughs along the way. I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

— Karen S.

“I could not be happier with the job your folks did today. Please pass that on to the powers that be. They kept me moving. Am thinking of having them come to DC to help with stuff there.”

— Jeanne S.

“I just wanted to let you know what a good job Paxem has been doing for our prospects but also our residents, whom you are moving internally. I have heard nothing but great things about the service but the staff as well. How kind they are, organized and making it ‘pain-free’. So I just wanted to thank you and your team for doing a wonderful job.”

— Pam Labuda, Marketing Director, Lake Barrington Woods

“I want to thank you and your crew for all your hard work these last few weeks. It was a relief to know that you were there taking care of the house. I appreciate your driver dropping off the boxes and file cabinet as well. The realtor I have been working with, Debbie Glickman, stopped by during the sale and was very impressed. She just gave your name to one of her clients. I will be sure to recommend you to my clients and pass your information along to those who might have similar needs. Thanks again!”

— Elizabeth U.

“Good Morning - Thank you very much for your thoughtful email. It has been such a pleasure attending your estate sales, as I always manage to come home with many terrific treasures. The one held in Itasca was fabulous and a great pleasure to attend. I have been to enough of your sales to be able to honestly relate that your presentations are great, you offer fair prices and those you have there assisting you, are such a pleasure to be around. You are a very classy & professional group of people that makes people like me anxious to attend one of your future sales.

I am so very hopeful of attending your upcoming sale in Highland Park, as it looks like another dandy sale :0) And I greatly appreciate your mention of the Leroy Neiman watercolor, who is among my favorite artists & collectibles. I did check out your sale listing and this looks like an item that would fit in nicely amongst my other collectibles. I’m guessing that its rarity probably will place it out of my price range, but I’m sure it will be a great pleasure to see in person, not to mention all of the other treasures available at this estate sale. Thanks again for your wonderful email. Have a great day & week ahead......and all the best for continued success with all of your sales. Take care and stay warm!”

— Rick R.

“We just wanted to follow-up and let you know how pleased we were with Heather’s help today.
She was fantastic, and we accomplished even more than we hoped at the start of the day! Unfortunately, I was partially sidelined by a migraine and was unable to pull my weight as I’d hoped, but she really stepped up and picked up the slack so we could accomplish all of our goals. She has a fantastic attitude and we look forward to working with her again in January! :)

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to you and your staff!”

— Katherine F.

“Recently hired Paxem to clean out my mother's estate and had a wonderful experience with this team! Everybody was very friendly and helpful every step of the way. They were fast and efficient ...finishing ahead of schedule and under budget....couldn’t be happier! I would highly recommend...A+++++”

— Paige B.

“To the owner of Paxem,
Your company moved my parents from Hillshire Estates in Inverness to The Garlands of Barrington on December 3rd and 4th, and I want to compliment the Paxem employees for doing such a great job. All of the packers were very hard workers and did an excellent job. They showed sincere concern for my parent's belongings and went out of their way to be helpful when we asked for any assistance. Additionally, they were all very friendly which made a stressful move so much easier for our family. Please acknowledge these outstanding employees as invaluable assets to your company. Thank You!”

— Leslie A.

“I live in Colorado and worked with Paxem to move/dispose of my father's possessions when he moved from an independent living set up to the nursing home in the retirement home where he lives in a northwest Chicago suburb.
This involved completely cleaning out an 1800 sq. ft. house and there was a lot to clean out.
Laura C. and her team made All arrangements for packing and shipping numerous boxes to two different locations, packing many boxes of books for sale , arranging for a large donation of furniture to a charity and cleaning out the unit for the next occupant. This was done efficiently and I was kept advised of progress all along. Paxem is true professionals who know their job and do it extremely well.”

— St J.

“I had a superb experience with Paxem when they did an estate sale and subsequent total clean-out on my late mother’s house in May 2015. Everything was first-class. From the initial consult at the house with Gayle Nudelman to the final paperwork, they were always efficient, professional, and savvy, as well as warm, understanding, and compassionate. They took a bazillion photos of my mother’s massive lifetime accumulation and advertised the sale thoroughly. They did creative things like hosting a pre-sale jewelry party because my mom had so much costume jewelry. They communicated with me every step of the way. The sale was so successful (more than $10,000) that it paid for their commission and the clean-out and still left more than $4,000 in profit for me. At my request, they provided me with an extremely detailed manifest of everything left over from the sale that they donated to charity. This is not only essential for my taxes but is also now a lasting memento. Even though I had gone over the house on what I’d thought was inch by inch, Paxem found important family items that my mother had squirreled away in bizarre places. They packed everything up and sent it to me. I always felt they were treating my mother’s stuff and my feelings with respect. And they know their business. I enthusiastically recommend Paxem to anyone who needs an estate sale and/or clean-out.

I appreciate Paxem all the more because they came to my rescue. I live 300 miles away and work full-time, so I had very limited ability to get to Chicago. Because of break-ins in my mom’s neighborhood, I was desperate to get the house cleared out ASAP. I had already contacted four other firms before finding out about Paxem. They hadn’t been on my radar because on Angie’s List they were reviewed only for senior moves, not for estate sales. My original first choice, Organizing Options of Illinois, was beautifully responsive, but by the time I’d finished going through the house and was ready for the sale, they were booked up for two months. Three other firms were non-starters. Miss 50’s didn’t answer my initial email. Best By Far Estate Sales didn’t answer either, and although after I phoned them they came for a consult, after seeing how knickknack-crammed the house was they were clearly uninterested. Life’s Many Transitions scheduled a consult but had to cancel; I didn’t mind that, but then they never answered my request to reschedule. After Organizing Options told me they were booked, in desperation I asked my realtor (the superb Nancy Perlman) if she knew anybody, and one of her colleagues suggested Paxem. The Paxem team totally understood my time constraints and flew into action. What a find! I can’t imagine a better experience with anyone else!”

— Barbara M.

“Thank you for all your help! Special thank you to Gayle and Catherine real nice gals to work with!”

— Karen L.

“Thank you for Paxem for making this move a lot less stressful!”

— Cathy N.

“Guys - I met with Norm, Agnes and Norm Jr and everyone really seemed happy about the service you provided. From the packers to the movers, to the lady who helped arrange the furniture at LBW. I have much work ahead and still have to sell the home, but the situation was growing critical and we made it just in time. Just wanted to say thank you and hope we can repeat this a few thousand more times in the near future. ”

— Mario Bilotas, Managing Broker at Four Daughters Real Estate

“This was unbelievable. We’re are an older couple. Two of us in a four-story historical Victorian with way-way too much stuff. We worried so much about the tasks before us. Then we found Paxem. They performed. Like clockwork. GREAT workers and managers. Outstanding. OUTSTANDING!”

— Roger K.

“Crystal was excellent! She made a sad day happy!”

— Diane M.

“Your senior move management group did an absolutely spectacular job for Gloria. She was totally happy with every aspect of the job.”

— Jeff C.

“Thank you so much for your help and patience with me and my family throughout the project. Your flexibility, input and the incredible packing expertise of your personnel all made it possible to take the huge step forward we needed!”

— Mark R.

“Just wanted to let you know I attended the Paxem estate sale this weekend. I took my daughter with me and she bought a couch and a dresser. The items were in perfect condition and the people working it were very helpful. It was a lovely experience.”

— Chris H.

“While I forgot the name of the staff member you sent to help my client, I wanted to let you know how impressed I was with her professionalism and work ethic. She did amazing work in a difficult situation and both myself and my client are so grateful for her help. Please let her know that she was very much appreciated.”

— Matt B. Kenneth Young Center

“Thank you for undertaking the Herculean task of running the estate sale on the contents of Mom’s home. Reading the various emails that you’ve sent over the past few weeks, I’ve developed a deep appreciation for the scope of the work that you do, and great admiration for you personally in accomplishing it so efficiently and successfully!”

— Carol B.

“I just got off the phone with Gayle from Paxem. They completed the estate sale on Monday, and today completed the clean-out. The house is empty! Paxem did a phenomenal job. Gayle was a total pro, and also unfailingly pleasant and compassionate. Her team worked at lightning speed and was nit-pickingly thorough. I unhesitatingly recommend this company!”

— Barbara M.

“Wanted to drop you a note to thank you for making this such a stress free move. It was amazing. The women who packed up my mom did an excellent job, they handled her belongings as if it was their own. They got everything unpacked and set up in her place quickly. It was fantastic. I also sent Donna at Bekins an email as well on how awesome her movers were. It all went so smoothly and efficiently.

My husband was so happy when he found out we didn’t have to unpack everything. Of course, if he had listened the first time around he would have known.”

— Pat H.

“Wonderful job - - so glad we worked with Paxem. We had to sell my parents’ home of 56 years. So much ‘stuff’ to clear out and get the home ready to show. They tackled the basement and got the whole home staged. It sold in 5 days. They also took photographs of furniture - knowing what had value when we didn’t - and knew how to find the niche market of buyers interested in mid-century furniture and decor. They brought in more money than we dreamed possible. Then cleaned out and got the home ready for closing. I just can’t say enough about the tremendous job they did. Very satisfied!!”

— John G.

“Hi, Gayle,
I just wanted to thank you for being so nice to us during the sale. My granddaughter loved you guys! It was really nice meeting you, and as I said, if you are ever near here, ( or anywhere fairly near ) and need extra hands, please let me know! I hope you and Linda both were able to relax last night and enjoy your evenings! I’m sure it was a mass job to pack up the rest of the shop! Well, thanks so much again!”

— Lisa M.

“Went to your estate sale in Aurora today. I was very impressed by how well the sale was run. I saw things that I don’t always see at an Estate Sale. The workers had name tags so it was easy to identify who I could ask a question of. They riced things fairly, as far as I could tell; I’m no expert but what I bought was reasonable. The woman at the desk taking the money was very pleasant. Actually, they were all very pleasant people who greeted me with a smile when I walked up to them to ask a question. Items were nicely laid out and labeled. 

Do you have a mailing list for people who just want to be notified of your estate sales? Thanks,”

— Susan

“Laura: I realize you’ve been working with Robin on my Mom’s (Sandra) move, which concluded this past Saturday, 2/28.
Before discussing the “administrative” aspects, Robin and I would like to let you know how extremely pleased we were with both Sally’s and Sue’s outstanding work with both the packing and unpacking. The two of them were so efficient, so careful, so kind, so patient, so caring, and so flexible, our appreciation can’t be described in words. As you well know, situations like this are very stressful on the person being moved as well as the family members involved. You, Sally, and Sue alleviated almost all of the stress (both mental and physical) from the three of us (my Mom, Robin, and me).

Please let us know if there is anything else we need to do, besides highly recommending Paxem to others as we have already done! Thanks again!”

— Arnie W.

“We were in our 60’s when we moved to Lexington from Illinois and could NOT have been happier! You’re probably much more advanced now, but your assistance then made our moving to Kentucky A LOT EASIER than I think even you know! We often speak about you to our friends and just how great you and the ladies made our move here – not to mention the assistance you gave us when it came to the moving company. Glad to see things are going well by you!”

— Ron B. and Squeaks

“Things went well. As you know, I had to keep the ladies for an additional 2 hours. They were extremely helpful in moving me along. Thanks!”

— Marvel J.

“Thank you very much for everything you did for us, in helping Regina move. We could have never done it without you! I am telling everybody about your wonderful service.”

— Ursula B

“Dear Mrs. Prell and Paxem Crew - what a nice experience it was to have you move me. Everything was done so well. Thank you, thank you!”

— Mary M.

“I can’t tell you how pleased I am with your service and the good work done by Sally and Heather. I am so happy that I learned about your service. Please feel free to use me as a reference, if I can ever help you in that regard in the future. This was a dicey move for us, as we were so concerned about my Dad’s health, and your assistance was just critical to making it a success.”

— Bill C.

“I wanted to compliment you for the work the 3 Paxem girls did in packing and unpacking my mother-in-law, Mary Miller. Sally, Sue & Heather could not have been nicer or more helpful. They made the process so easy and seamless. As a family member, this takes such a huge load off our shoulders when we know our family member is in good hands with your employees! Also, I wanted to tell you that the Graebel mover guys went above & beyond the call of duty and were so conscientious and careful in placing furniture (insisting we had felt tabs on every piece of furniture since Mary has hardwood floors), making sure things were where we wanted them and all with a smile on their face and making jokes along the way. They were delightful to work with!  

It was great to have this personal experience with your company so I can endorse your services even more from our personal experience. Sally said you are also doing estate sales, so I will add that to your business category listing with our Chamber. Thanks again, Jennifer!!! You’re the best!!!”

— Bonnie M.

“Laura, I cannot thank you enough and your staff enough for this enormous job; for contacting me during a holiday weekend ( I was really worried about the house being secured), and your gracious manner in handling everything! I have never been through this before so you will have to appraise us every step of the way. There still some very sentimental and expensive items in the house (we got most of them out); The mere thought of walking into my parents home which was beautiful to now being trashed just makes me shudder. Yet, what needs to be done must be done. Whatever directives you have for us we will do our best to follow. Never having to go through this whole situation has been emotionally exhausting on every level. Just hearing the words, “You are here for me” made me feel very relieved and lucky to have someone like you. My Thanks to You on Many Levels,”

— Deb B.

“The girls did a great job yesterday. What impressed me most was they had a concern about the personal belongings that a resident had as she moved from assisted living to our secured neighborhood. They knew that these items could pose a threat to the resident or other residents. I appreciate that they came to my office and shared their concerns with me so I could address the problem. I am so grateful for the services you and your employees provide to Belmont. Thank you for cultivating a culture of employees who truly care!”

— Jeanne H.

“I just wanted to let you know how pleased my uncle Burton R. was with Laura Tiernan. She made my aunt and uncle’s move so easy and he was very appreciative of her. She’s just the nicest person.”

— Mary V.

“Thanks again Laura for visiting with us this evening! We all felt it was informative and educational- and bottom line from our view it was time well spent. Paxem, Inc. is fortunate to have you in their employee. Continued success and best regards,”

— Wally H. Sr.

“I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job that your crew did yesterday. Sue, Sally and Crystal were great! They were hard-working, very efficient and most importantly, very nice. It was a real pleasure working with all of you at Paxem and I would highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of moving assistance. Thank you so much.”

— Linda S.

“I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for such a fun and exciting sale full of wonderful surprises. Well done and please keep me in mind for future sales. Thank you, again!”

— Bill L.

“Unbelievable pair (Dani and Robin). They get the highest possible rating “A+”. The highest quality and performance and their work ins the best advertising Paxem can deliver. I cannot say enough about their work ethic, competency, knowledge of their work elements and friendliness. Great experience!”

— George K.

“Your team was wonderful & my husband was blown away.
Our realtor and her associate came by for a brief meeting. They couldn’t believe the organization of the boxes and that they hadn’t known of you. I did the only responsible thing and handed her the nightlight that Sue had just given me with your company name -:) I also promised to introduce you guys. We are so nuts right now but appreciate a job that took so much stress off and was well done!”

— Joan B.

“Hi Jennifer...I met with my client Bill who hired Paxem to move him out of his home and into his condo I sold him in Niles. He raved about Paxem and the women that worked with him. They packed him, moved him and then unpacked and set him up in the new place. We’re now listing his home to sell. Without Paxem I really don’t think this would have all been possible. It was overwhelming to him to make this move and it really all came together beautifully. Thank you and please thank the team of gals that worked with him.  He told me yesterday he’s referred Paxem to his nephews' in-laws in Rockford!”

— Jay Crowley, Realtor Century 21 McMullen

“It was a wonderful experience! The owners were very accommodating, responded right away, and were very helpful throughout the entire process. In addition, they did a good job with the packing, no items were damaged, and the fee was reasonable. I really appreciated that they provided me with itemized lists for each box’s contents. They did so well that I recommended them to my mother who had an equally pleasant experience. I also plan on using the company again for additional work in the future.”

— Teme and Gary L.

“The crew did an excellent job from start to finish with smiles on their faces! Their planning the layout for furniture was invaluable.”

— H.G.

“The service was a bit pricey, but we had a great experience. They showed up on time, were professional and respectful, and didn’t damage a single item. Furthermore, they packed and unpacked everything just as we had asked, and they donated unwanted items to a charity.”

— Patrick F.

“I just wanted to send you a note letting you know what a wonderful job your people did on my pack and move.  
With being out of the house for 8 long months during our fire rebuild, it was a bittersweet moment; finally moving back into our house and at the same time discovering all that we had lost. It was definitely a chaotic day, with 5 different delivery/moving vans and the packing up of the rental house. Sally and Sue were fantastic in working with the chaos! I was forced to spend most of my time directing the moving/delivery trucks and they worked wonderfully without me.  

They were fast, very efficient and extremely professional!  
A huge added bonus was the unpacking of items! Although we didn’t have a lot of items that were salvageable from the fire, we had accumulated enough during the past 8 months that having Paxem unpack a lot of the items was wonderful! Again, done with very little instruction needed from me. They had unpacked all of our clothes and the kid's clothes and put them all away and I hadn’t even realized it. They sorted and unpacked the linen closet and the bathrooms as well! What a wonderful surprise to find I didn’t have to unpack and sort and put away the linen closets and bathrooms! They even made the beds!


Having Paxem help us with our move was a wonderful experience and I would recommend them to anyone at any time for any reason.  Thank you again for your service and professionalism!”

— Sharon M.

“Hi Jennifer, I apologize for such a delay in contacting you. Truth is I have been trying to get thru masses of paperwork looking for the names of my packers. You will know who they were & I want to tell you I was more than pleased with them. They were professional & wasted not a minute getting the work done. Everything was delivered in a much shorter time than I expected so I am reasonably settled in. Have a path from the coffee pot to the TV to my bed. What else can I ask for? Thank you for your help & should the need arise I would be happy to recommend your services and that of my movers.”

— Edna H.

“What a wonderful experience it was working with all of you. I really appreciated working with all of Paxem’s staff and you all were lifesavers! Thank you, Sue and Sally, for putting in the time needed to get me moved.

Kudos, kudos. Thank you all for making this move go so well especially under the hot circumstances you had in her apartment. I appreciate you all going out there and delivering what you promised.”

— Brenda C. 

“Laura - I got the inventory sheet - it is really helping me to pick the boxes to unpack 1st - still have 18 to go - I can only do 3 hours a day before I get too pooped to pop!

Crystal and Heidi were WONDERFUL! I will definitely recommend Paxem to my friends still left in Illinois, should they ever decide to move. Thank you for making my move a great one!”

— Pam K.

“Kathleen I just wanted to let you know that everyone that helped with the move did a wonderful job. The two ladies who helped with the packing did a great job and were so pleasant. The movers were fantastic. Mike was in charge and he did a fantastic job. They were courteous, efficient and fast. I just wanted to say thank you and I would recommend Paxem and Bekins to anyone should they ask for a reference. Thank you again. My mom is in her new home and it is a work in progress.”

— Barbara H.

“I want to tell you how impressed I am with the job you did clearing out my mom’s house. I was there yesterday and everything looked just great. Just how I wanted it. Your team did a thorough job. The team leader called me when they finished and let me know how it went, confirmed that she had written down the donations and collected receipts from the company. She left it on the kitchen counter as I requested. We settled the bill with no issues. I guess I expected more debris left behind, little scraps of paper, etc. But there wasn’t anything like that. It just looked great. I am so thrilled with your service. You provided me with a solution instead of more problems. That’s just what I need at this point in the process! Kathleen, I appreciate your flexibility working with me & my schedule to give me enough time to sell items and clear out things we would like to keep. I will, and have already, recommended Paxem to friends. Thank you again!”

— Susan F.

“I’m sorry I haven’t dropped you a note sooner. I wanted you to know how much I appreciated all the help that Sue/Crystal gave me. It really made moving in so much easier. Don’t know how I’d have done it by myself?? The condo is all settled now and really looks like home!! Of course, there are lots of boxes, etc., around that I have to go through, but overall, it looks very nice and I’m a happy camper!! Take care and I’ll certainly give Paxem’s name to anyone who might be interested.”

— Beverly Y.

“Terrific! The Paxem team was wonderful and very supportive. The girls took care of everything and I didn’t have to stress over anything. Thank you! I will refer Paxem to all my friends!”

— Barb D.

“Everyone including the movers was so considerate of my mother. I would surely recommend the entire team to everyone I know.”

— Kathy O.

“All of the women were considerate of us, knowing when we needed to sit and brought things to us ask if we used something often, making things accessible. One lady took time, setting up shelves and did a good job.  ”

— Diana K.

“I would not have any other company move my stuff of 44 years. The stagers were great. One man fixed my DVD player that wouldn’t work after storage. They were respectful with the furniture. Excellent job!”

— John D.

“Your team was invaluable to us. The move went very well, and you and the Paxem team made these jobs seem easy! Our newly built home has been under repairs and renovations to cure builders construction defects that are absolutely unbelievable. We have had the house packed up twice, while repairs were underway. The only shining star in this whole mess has been the support from you and the Paxem team. We have nothing but great things to say about all the hard work your folks did.”

— Mike & Pat F.

“The team was just super. We can’t thank you enough for making the move painless. You thought of everything!”

— Sue S.

“The Paxem staff were caring, efficient, and went the extra mile for us – they worked tirelessly! I was impressed! Our estimator was right on target also. Thank you for a good job!”

— Pat W.

“Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with your company and how nice it was to work with Sally and Heather. You made the move much easier and Dad said the ladies did a great job setting up his apartment at Belmont. Will keep your card for the future.”

— Yvonne V.

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