Be sure you are onsite at the destination before the movers arrive. If you can’t be there make sure your Paxem representative will be there to accept delivery and pay the charges on your behalf. Inform the moving company that Paxem will be representing you at delivery.

The Paxem representative will be asked to note any change in the condition of your personal belongings listed on the inventory at the time of loading, and to note any missing items or damaged items at the time of delivery.

  • Do a quick walk thru of the house to make sure it is the same as the contract states.

  • Check to make sure the utilities have been connected, and follow up on any delays.

  • Make sure the telephones are connected and that all DSL lines are working. You should have the phone company hook them up the day before your scheduled move in day.

  • If children are to be with you during the move-in process, you may want to have some games, toys, snacks, and drinks available to them. Set up an area where they can play and won’t be in the mover’s way. A port-a-crib should be set up for small children. This can be set up out of the way and the children will be safe and can take a nap.

  • Confine pets to an out-of-the-way room to help them from becoming agitated or running away.

  • Direct the movers as they unload. You should have already reviewed the floor plan so you will be able to tell the movers where to place the furniture, boxes, etc.

  • To prevent possible damage, all electronic equipment and appliances should not be used for 24 hours after delivery to allow them time to adjust to room temperature.

Paxem can perform the following tasks:

  • Guide the movers and direct them with furniture, appliances, and boxes.

  • Unload each box, organize, and set up each room.

  • Hang the art.

  • Wash the necessary dishes, silverware, cabinets, etc.

  • Do laundry or clean your new home upon request.

  • Place the broken down boxes and waste into the garage, dumpster, curb or haul away. Paxem can remove all the packing materials for a nominal fee which includes labor and the dump fee.

We will do all of the above tasks with you or for you. We can set up your entire living space so all you have to do when you get home is relax.

Moving Into Your New Home