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What to Do During Covid 19?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

What to do in the days of Covid 19? Working for Paxem kind of rubs off on you. We offer many solutions beyond estate sales, and I am working on all the extra services for myself. I shredded four 30-gallon bags of paper. The paper came from caring for both my parents and my husband’s parents. By the way, I’m still not done! So what should I do with all this shredded paper? I went onto the internet for ideas. My husband said to use it for the beds of our gardens and he was right!

We also added it to our worm bin. We add the worms to our gardens as soon as we think the threat of frost is over. The garden does not look great right now but eventually, it will. It will also keep the weeds away. We will know as soon as the garden gets put in. I’m still cooking, deep cleaning bathrooms, carpets and more. Also, I did find some good exercise routines on Instagram. Dannah Eve is my current favorite. Her programs are short but you can feel the burn. Have a great week at home!

Out of work estate sale maven, Gayle Nudelman

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