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What Is Quality?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022


cently I had someone contact us and ask us why we weren't rated by the Better Business Bureau.  We used to be part of the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.  The problem is that if you want to be rated you must pay almost $400 per year.  As a small business this is a lot of money for validation.  We have helped thousands of families and have kudos letters a mile long for our outstanding services.  We also have an A rating with Angie's List, which we don't pay for. 

There are things consumers can do to find out if the company they are hiring meet their standards. First, go to and check the company to find out what kind of company they are, if they are in good standing, etc.  It is important to hire a company in good standing.  This means they have filed paperwork with the state saying they are a company doing business in Illinois and filed their articles. 

Ask for referrals.  Find out from the referral how the job was performed, what tasks were completed, value, etc.  If they work with seniors contact your local independent and assisted living communities to find out if they've heard about the company, their opinions about the company's service, etc.  You can do this on your own without getting a reference.   Our company has actually given references without telling the senior community we were doing it to get an honest answer for our clients.

If you meet any employee from Paxem you will find that they are caring, engaged people helping others help themselves.  They are good people and want what's best for everyone. 

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