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Estate Sales That Stick

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Interestingly, some estate sales leave lasting impressions. It's often the feeling within the home, the scent in the air, or the overall experience that makes the imprint. Here's the story of a sale that left a stamp on my memory. Doris Rudoff, an art teacher, and Meyer Rudoff, an architect, purchased the Booth Cottage in 1956 and raised their kids in the Glencoe house. Doris, a patron of all art, collected and created it with great passion. Her treasures included oil paintings, Gouaches, sculptures, and everything you would imagine an art lover could possess. Shoppers came from all over, and they stood in line to purchase the beautiful art pieces on the day that we opened the estate sale. The enthusiasm continued into the street even after the final deal as buyers negotiated with each other to purchase this unknown artist's work.

While I'm sad not to show you everything, here are some of the unique items that were listed for sale. The furniture names adhere to their '50s and '60s time period.

This same house was saved from the wrecking ball this week. I am so grateful for this! I knew it was what the family wanted.

Houses come and go, but some stick with you forever! I fondly remember the Rudoff's, their impressive estate collection, and the legacy that lives in their former possessions.

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