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Estate Sale Maven in the Days of Covid

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

I went to a beautiful Ranch on Lake Michigan today. The parents had passed away and the adult children contacted Paxem to help liquidate the assets.  The ranch home was gorgeous. The view on that day was incredible! Not a cloud in sight, the water, and the sky were bright blue. This is a house that you dream of if you love a good view!

Some people prefer glass, some love crystal, some love art, old toys, or anything vintage. I love beautiful houses. I imagine what it was like as a home filled with a family. I put all the pieces together in my head of their life and create a movie of a perfect family and how they lived and loved here. If we could have a sale in this home I would put everything out on beautiful tablecloths and create a story within these walls. However, this virus is not allowing the estate sale enthusiasts to come in with their vision to see what I see.

The tin gadgets toys, the gizmo’s, whosits and whatsits galore, snuff box collections (there are more than twenty), St. John's clothing, Ferragamo shoes, and more! I have to find all these lovely things a new home. I want more. I want to be where the Covid isn’t. Reverse, Rewind, back up or move forward. I love this house. I love this sale. I am hoping this pandemic goes away. There are a few Disney type themes ringing in my head, but I have been spending facetime watching movies with the grandkids at night. There’s magic in this time even with the sadness and heartbreak that goes with it.

Gayle Nudelman

Paxem Estate Sale Manager

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