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Communicate With Your Senior Loved Ones Today!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

By Gayle Nudelman, Estate Sale Manager at Paxem

Times are changing, at an alarming rate, with this virus as we all know. My father is in an independent living community. He is 96 years young and has a bit of a memory problem. I think about him and how the federal, state, and city recommendations, policies, and procedures are keeping him indoors without anyone from the outside being able to see him. It’s so important to call your loved ones. Facetime is even better. If they do not have an iPhone, a computer call works too through Skype or Facebook. Making it a point to stay in touch each day seems to be increasingly important for our senior population. If you have kids at home, send mail, excellent skills that most children no longer have, but a senior would appreciate it. Call your local senior living community and find out if you can mail a senior, that cannot see their family, a letter. Ask them for a couple of names to send to daily. Showing people you care in the simplest of measures can make someone’s day.

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