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A Personal Story of Love, Grief, & Estate Care

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Recently my father passed away, he had multiple myeloma, they said he had six months to live. After 13 years of Experimental Chemotherapy treatments, 2 Stem Cell transplants, they kept saying he has about 6 months to live unless we do this…. He did all of this… The VA Hospital and its doctors never gave up on him, he went every week for one treatment or another, spent 2, 3-month stints in San Antonio Texas paid for by the VA with a support person doing the stem cell transplants, these doctors gave their all.

About a year ago, we ran into the chemist that mixed his chemo and he asked my father how long it has been, his answer astonished me… “10 graduations, 2 Weddings, 3 great-grandchildren” he counted in memories. Here I am counting years, months and days. He decided to give up the fight, it stopped working and he was older and weaker, they said 30-60 days, he lasted 8 months, It was a rough road, I could not have gotten through it without help from my family, friends, the family he created at the VA, the VA Social worker, The social worker from Brightstar and their amazing staff, and of course my family at work.

My boss at Paxem is a rock star when it comes to seniors. When it came time to find a solution to his care, she was there, when I was at my last nerve, she was there, when the hospice could not get him moved she took over and at the speed of light got him moved in 3 hours when the hospice that we hired kept lying to us saying it was a paperwork glitch for 2 weeks. She found the right hospice that cared for him beyond belief. Then when he was gone, me the Estate Sale Lady could not hold the estate sale, the staff at Paxem took over, from collecting anything they thought was personal, packing it with care, delivering it to my house, holding the estate sale, donating what was left, the garbage dudes, cleaned out what was not taken and provided curb appeal so that the house would sell and close in less than a month with the help of one of our star realtor partners. I hired the professionals, the People from Paxem and Elderwerks did what I could not do myself.

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