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Paxem's team can assist with any size organizing and de-cluttering project. We specialize in people with an excessive amount of personal belongings as well as hoarders. We can help organize a room, a home, an office or anything else that you might require.  Is your home cluttered?  Are you tired of stepping over toys and brick-a-brack?  Call Paxem!  We will work for you or alongside you to achieve your goals.

We try to use the products you have in your home to organize. If there are organizational products you need, we will give you a list of our suggestions for you to purchase or we can purchase them for you.

Once we’ve helped you sort and de-clutter, we will set up plastic totes with toys, books, tools, etc. We can organize the kitchen, playroom, basements, garages, closets, drawers, etc. There is no limit to our organizing abilities.

The items we’ve collectively decided to get rid of can then be donated to a local charity, given to a family member or friend, sold in a garage sale, or we can list them for you on eBay. We also fill dumpsters and work in dirty environments.

We are a service oriented company. We will provide you with the organized and clean home you want and then give you suggestions on how to keep it organized. 

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