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Moving Tips for Before, During, and After A Move

Folding Clothes
  • Sort through your possessions and decide what you MUST take with you and what you WANT to take with you. 

  • Use the floor plan for your new residence to help choose the furnishings that you will keep.​

  • De-clutter the items no longer needed.

  • If you can move out before the home is sold, consider holding an estate sale. 

  • Shred old documents. Use our Documents Retention Guide to help you decide what to keep and what to shred.

  • Prepare donations and arrange for pick-up.

  • Start packing using sturdy boxes or bins. Label the contents and room the items belong to. 

Preparing to Move
beautiful Interior of home
  • ​Air out the house often. Homes often have odors others may find unpleasant.

  • Stage furniture and belongings in your existing home for sale.

  • Remove personally identifiable items.  

  • Consider deep cleaning, painting, or performing updates to the home, as necessary. 

  • Clean windows thoroughly inside and out. This has a huge impact!

  • Notify the electric, water, gas, garbage, and cable company that you are moving and give them a date 1 week after your actual move-out date.  If there are delays, you don't want to be stuck without service.

  • Make sure furnace filters and returns are clean. 

Selling Your Home
newly laundered linens
  • ​Hire a cleaning service to deep clean your new home. 

  • Change and/or clean the carpet before you move in. 

  • Direct movers to place furniture and belongings in the correct room.

  • Purchase bins to hold chemicals and other items under sinks.

  • Notify your bank, professional services, friends, and family that you have moved, and give them your new address.

  • Introduce yourself to your neighbors and get to know your new area.

  • Enjoy your new home!

Getting Settled into Your New Home
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