Staging for Life™ / Preparing Your Home For Sale


Paxem’s team will prepare your home for sale or we can advise what tasks need to be performed in order to make your home more salable.

When Paxem stages your home we organize, de-clutter, pre-pack, and adjust it to make it warm and inviting. Staging improves the overall look & presentation. The Buyers can visualize uses of rooms and can develop an emotional connection. They will be able to visualize themselves living there. Staging increases the perceived value & desirability.

We will help you decide what stays and what goes.

Preparing for the Move

  • Organize items for the pack and move, donation, sale or to be disposed of.

  • Manage all the contractors, painters, carpet cleaners, etc. needed to enhance your home.

  • Pack all of your items for your move or family members across the country.

  • Sort and help decide what will move with you.

  • Pre-pack the items for your next home.

  • De-clutter the items no longer needed.

  • Manage charity pick ups.

  • Remove waste or fill a dumpster.

  • Design a floor plan with current furnishings.

  • Recommend Realtors, painters, home inspectors and other professionals.

  • Hire and/or recommend movers.

  • Plan the entire move; schedule and complete time-consuming chores long before the truck arrives.

  • Supply indispensable information to design move strategies tailored to specific needs.

Once you’ve decided what you can part with, we help you donate, sell, or throw away those items before the move. Paxem can manage all repairs, contractors, painters, carpet cleaners, etc. that you will need to enhance your home.

Before allowing outside contractors into your home remove all high value items such as jewelry, stock certificates, money, etc.